1308 Productions has presented live rock shows at great venues in the Miami Beach area over a course of several years, featuring many talented young bands from all over Florida.  Please visit their sites, attend their performances, and enjoy their music!

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Ex Norwegian
exnorwegian.com | facebook.com/exnorwegian

Another talented band from Miami Beach that we’d like to further spread the word about is spacekamel. Formed in 2015 by Julian Anthony and Brennan Jasso, they call their music experimental groove. Check out their recent performance on BalconyTV:

Deaf Poets

Deaf Poets

Jacobs Ladder

Miami progressive power pop/rock outfit Jacobs Ladder just released their latest EP Back to Life. Already a fixture and fan favorite on the Southeast touring circuit, having played over 550 shows and counting with such bands as Fallout Boy, Forever The Sickest Kids and Bayside, to name a few, Jacobs Ladder is bound for even bigger things with the new recording, produced by Carlos de la Garza (Neon Trees, Reel Big Fish).  Jacobs Ladder has worked hard to establish their unique sound in South Florida, and now look to bring it to the masses.

Fernando Perdomo
www.fernandoperdomo.com | facebook.com/Fernandoperdomomusic

Being one of Miami’s most respected and talented musicians, Fernando Perdomo brings undeniable artistry to the compositions and performances that comprise his solo project “Home is Wherever You Are” His melodies are melancholic and captivating in mystic unison with personal and honest lyrics that truly touch the hearts of his aficionados. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Fernando has always had a passion for those iconic music legends he discovered while buying records at flea markets as a kid. Those remarkable melodies that have surpassed the test of time have been a big influence in his songwriting style for he effortlessly injects a pop catchiness into his folksy eclectic composition style making his songs unforgettable. The EP, under the direction of longtime friend and Grammy nominated producer Chris Rodriguez, is full of symphonic arrangements and out of the box instrumentation. The first single “Home” delivers a beautiful uplifting story with a hypnotizing and majestic recording elegance that will undoubtedly bring hope and longing to many during these troubling times. “Smile” takes you on an individual listening journey for everyone will relate differently, while “Lazy” “Fill my Sky,” and “In a World Without you” have that ability to make you sing along to every note. The EP ends with “Andrea’s Fault,” a song that proudly has talent and skill written all over it. Currently Fernando is living in Reseda, California where you will find him in many of the local music venues not just as a performer, but as a true music lover, he is always ready to support his fellow musicians and is there to watch the show.

Atom Smash
 | facebook.com/atomsmash

Miami FL. based modern Grunge band Atom Smash consists of singer Sergio Sanchez, guitarist Luke “cowboy” Rice, drummer Mark “taco” Annino, and bassist Arnold Nese. The band has toured for three years straight, logging over 600 shows. Their single “Do her wrong” hit number 1 on Sirius xm octane and broke in to the top 15 on the Active Rock charts. Their follow up track “Kill Me” is inspired by a painting of a girl with a death trail behind her. “That girl is music” describes singer Sergio. “The music industry is soul crushing and it’s more than the drugs and alcohol doing the killing.” The band has battled through the hard times with the help of an army of die hard fans. Sergio explains, “We literally survive by the grace of these beautiful people.” The band is set to hit the road this summer.

And Then There Was You
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Dear Dad, Yours Truly
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Miami Beach Sr. High Rock Ensemble

Vic Kingsley

Unsung Zeros

Zen the Band

Madd Agents

The Bront

waiting theory

Carter Beats The Devil

The Know How

33 1/3

Red Sun Down

Mutual Funds

I Shot Broadway

Lasso the Moon

Carry Me To Safety

Only In Theaters

The Shining

Nautilus Jazz Band