Annual Bob Novack Music Awards Presented At Student Mini-Concert May 27, 2021

Congratulations to exemplary, accomplished student musicians Lia Beltzer, Hendrik Garrard, and Felipe Inzillo, winners of the 2021 “Bob Novack Music Awards” at RKBBH K-8 Center in Bay Harbor, Florida.

1308 Productions, a non-profit organization that support music education, was created with inspiration from the musical career and life long service of renowned musician and orchestra leader Bob Novack. The organization was founded over two decades ago by his grandchildren, Jason and Allison Novack, who today are successful adults who appreciate their musical roots and continue to give back to the community and its local schools.

Since 1997, the Bob Novack Music Awards have recognized outstanding music students and has focused attention on the value and importance of music education in schools. The organization salutes excellent music educators at our local public schools. At Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 School, we thank outstanding music educator Onil Rodriguez for his amazing contributions to the lives of our area’s youth. Even through and in the midst of the pandemic, Mr. Rodriguez has managed to have students playing instruments, learning music, and maintaining a strict, healthy and safe environment. A wonderful mini-concert and awards presentation on May 27, 2021 honored the latest recipients of the annual awards.

Bob Novack was one of Florida’s most talented musicians, band leaders, and music teachers for over forty years. His music brought smiles to people’s faces at everything from major events with audiences in the thousands, to countless special occasions, to cultural, social, and religious celebrations of all kinds. In his honor and remembrance, the Bob Novack Music Awards recognize music students who have been chosen by school music faculty on the basis of love and dedication to music and a demonstrated ability to lift the lives of others through musical performance.

The 2021 Bob Novack Music Awards were presented to three outstanding student musicians.  Each of the winners has developed significant talent that has been shared at numerous performances at schools, community events, and on line. They are a credit to their schools and the entire community.

The Award winners this year at Ruth Broad Bay Harbor K-8 were three amazing students, Lia Beltzer, Hendrik Garrard, and Felipe Inzillo. Lia has been active in music education throughout her school experience. She performs with the Greater Miami Youth Symphony and the Ruth K. Broad String Ensemble. “A great musician and a great young lady,” said Mr. Rodriguez. Lia has been a mentor to many other music students, and brings joy to others through her singing and cello playing.”

Hendrik Garrard has been a leader throughout his participation in the school’s music program. He mastered the viola, and then took up the double bass, excelling at every step of his progression. “He is the prime example of a team player, he has made a great impact in our band room and he leaves an indelible mark upon our program,” said Mr. Rodriguez. “Hendrik is a dedicated musician and an example to others.”

Felipe Inzillo is one of the school’s top violinists. “He is first chair in the String Orchestra, is very hard working, and is a quick learner,” said Mr. Rodriguez. He mentors other students, leads small groups in helping others to learn music, and is a truly excellent student who loves music.” Felipe’s energetic participation will be missed after his graduation, by teachers and students alike.  

Bob Novack Music Award winners were honored at their school, and were presented with information about the award’s history, trophies, certificates, and a $200 scholarship check from 1308 Productions. Their names are inscribed on permanent plaques and records, and they have been urged to continue forward with music education.

“I just cannot say enough about attorney and former Mayor Paul Novack, his family, and all that they continue to do for our school and particularly our music program,” said Onil Rodriguez. “The Bob Novack Awards, named after Paul’s father, have been part of the foundation of our entire music program for over two decades,” said Rodriguez. We are so appreciative of the tremendous public service and dedication of the Novack family.” They continuously inspire our students year in and year out and we are so much better because of their involvement. The impact of the Novack family’s encouragement and support is just amazing.

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