Since 1997, the Bob Novack Music Awards has been a leading mechanism to recognize outstanding student musicians and support music education in public schools. As a result, music education has been highlighted, and its great value for students and their future has been increasingly recognized. Advocacy for music education has resulted in positive impacts for the role of music in all public schools, and in the lives of countless students.
Bob Novack was one of Florida’s most talented musicians, band and orchestra leaders, and music teachers for over forty years. His music brought smiles to people’s faces at everything from major events with audiences in the thousands, to countless special occasions, to cultural, ethnic and religious celebrations of all kinds, to private parties with family and friends. In his honor and remembrance, the Bob Novack Music Awards recognize music students who have been chosen by school music faculty on the basis of love and dedication to music and a demonstrated ability to lift the lives of others through musical performance.
The 2017 Bob Novack Music Awards were presented to three outstanding student musicians.  Each of the winners has been a huge asset to the music program at their schools, to local events, and to the service of others in a wide variety of musical performances. They are a credit to their schools and the entire community.
At Nautilus Middle School, legendary music teacher Ray Modia and the faculty selected Bruno Montenegro for the Award. Bruno is a dedicated music student who has been playing clarinet since the 6th grade, putting in countless hours of practices, rehearsals, and performances. “He is always there to help and mentor other students and to help make the music program the best it can be,” said Mr. Modia. “Bruno has achieved much success for himself, for his school, and for his community.”
“These annual awards are always an inspiration to the present and future of our music students,” said Mr. Modia. “We work hard all year towards this day,” he said.
The Award winners this year at Bay Harbor K-8 were two exceptional students, Jasmine Bras and Alejandro Roqueso.  Nominated for the awards by lead music educator Onil Rodriguez, these students earned  recognition for their outstanding musical talent and achievements.
Jasmine Bras has been the school’s top violist for the last three years. Hard working, disciplined, dependable, “Jasmine has an incredible love for music,” said Mr. Rodriguez. “Jasmine is a leader who has mentored other aspiring musicians,” he said. “An exceptional music student”.
Alejandro Roqueso is a proven music devotee with multiple skills and interests. He has performed with guitar ensemble, the vocal group, and plays double bass in the string orchestra. Alejandro volunteers as a mentor to other students.  “Alejandro has been a wonderful asset to our music program,” said Mr. Rodriguez.
Annually, the Bob Novack Music Award winners are each presented with information about the award’s history, trophies, certificates, and a $100 scholarship check from 1308 Productions. Their names are inscribed on permanent records, online recognition and tributes, and on the 1308 Productions web site.
Through support provided for the graduation ceremonies this year by Guitar Center, two additional students were recognized for their success and musical talents. $25 gift certificates were presented to Izabella Perez and Matthew Haber, selected by Mr. Rodriguez for their talent and future with music education.

“These awards inspire students all year long, they boost the students’ motivation and ultimate results,” said Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Principal Maria Soto-Rodriguez. “Students are impressed and appreciative of this kind of recognition that comes from outside of the school.”

Attorney Paul Novack, as son of Bob Novack and representative of 1308 Productions, participates in the ceremonies and speaks to the students every year about their future potential.  “The Novack family is such a great friend to our schools and its students, they are amazing, ” said RKB music lead teacher Onil Rodriguez.

“Just so very important for our music programs and for the character and success of so many students in our public schools,” said Mr. Rodriguez. “I’m very proud of Jason and Allison, founders of 1308 Productions, who are both graduates of our school.”