1308 Productions sponsored a party for the music class at Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 on March 10, 2017 as a tribute to outstanding music educator Onil Rodriguez and his devoted, talented students.  1308 also donated keyboards and amplifiers and cables to the school’s music program.

Allison Novack, co-founder of 1308, was there to speak to the class about the importance of music education, public service, and reaching out to people in need everywhere. Allison spoke about 1308’s support of youth music, live performances, scholarships, and programs. The students enthusiastically responded with many questions, keen attention, and appreciation for everything that 1308 Productions and the Novack family does for schools, students, and educators.

Allison also addressed numerous public service initiatives and how 1308 strives to serve as an example to help motivate the efforts of other individuals and organizations.  “The students showed great interest in continuing with their music education in high school, and keeping music as a part of their lives in the future,” said Allison.

“It was a wonderful experience for our students,” said Mr. Rodriguez.  “We are so very thankful for the support, the instruments, the encouragement, and the amazing effort to open the minds of young people to the needs of others.”