Music faculty at two local public schools select their most talented and dedicated students each year and at their graduation ceremonies, 1308 Productions presents each one with the Bob Novack Music Award and a scholarship check. Three incredibly talented students were recently honored at Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 and at Nautilus Middle School.

“These awards create so much drive and inspiration amongst the students all year long,” said Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Principal Maria Soto-Rodriguez. “The positive impact is continuous, with the students so appreciative of this kind of recognition that comes from outside of the school.”

Former Surfside Mayor Paul Novack, as son of Bob Novack and representative of 1308 Productions, participates in the ceremonies and speaks to the students about their unlimited potential. “Mr. Novack always inspires our students with the confidence and positive attitude that will help them achieve great things in the future,” said RKB music lead teacher Onil Rodriguez.

“1308 Productions, created by Jason Novack and Allison Novack, is so awesome. What they do for our students and our program is really powerful and meaningful,” said Mr. Rodriguez.

The 2016 award winners are Ryan Gutierrez at Nautilus Middle School, and Marian Abuhazi and Martha Alamilla at RKB Bay Harbor K-8 Center.

Ryan Gutierrez is “an outstanding lead trumpet player and a superb guitar player,” said legendary Nautilus music teacher Ray Modia. “Ryan is an outstanding member of our Concert Band and also our Jazz Ensemble, and he has performed at many school and community events,” said Modia.

Marian Abuhazi has had an amazing school career at RKB K-8. “Marian is the first chair Viola player in our String Orchestra, and she has mentored the other 10 viola students,” said Onil Rodriguez. “Marian is a straight A student, sings in vocal ensemble, and has performed with the New World Symphony and at many events.” “Marian is ready for wonderful things ahead.”

Martha Alamilla has also enjoyed great success at RKB K-8. Martha has been the first chair Cellist in the school symphony, and she is also an excellent dancer. “Martha sings in Vocal Ensemble, mentors other students cellists, performs in many school and community events, and has a great future,” said Mr. Rodriguez.

“These three students are a credit to their families, to their schools and teachers, and to their communities,” said Mr. Novack. “Most of all, their achievements are a credit to themselves, because they have very worked hard to get to this point.” “They have the proven ability to now launch ahead into lifetimes of success and happiness, and music will be an invaluable part of their futures.”

Since 1997, each year the Bob Novack Music Awards are presented in memory of the late Bob Novack, a life-long musician, band leader and music educator. Mr. Novack performed with famous big bands throughout the United States including the Glenn Miller Band, and he led the Bob Novack Orchestras in South Florida for four decades. Bob Novack’s bands performed at thousands of major events and special occasions; he was a versatile and talented keyboards player with vast musical knowledge and a charismatic band leadership style. His legacy includes bringing smiles and joy to others through his music, and the student winners each year do the same thing. Congratulations to Ryan, Marian, and Martha.