Heart Of Gold Girls – March 2012

Music and social activism fit together…perfectly. Apparently, Allison Novack, producer at 1308 Productions, agrees. Two years ago, Allison was named to Teen Voices’ and J-Vibe’s 18 Under 18 lists, and today, at 20, she continues to make a lot of noise for causes through her work.

Heart of Gold had the chance to interview Allison, and she spills the dirt on what she does, why she does it, and what it takes to be a passionate changemaker.

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Teen Voices – Dec 2009

Allison Novack, 17, of Surfside, Florida combines her passion for music with public service by producing teen-friendly concerts with 1308 Productions, a non-profit that she and her family created. The shows give new bands exposure, benefit different causes, and allow teens to help organize the events and gain community involvement. Allison talked with Teen Voices about her work to improve her community and the world through music.

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JVibe – July 2009

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JVibe “18 under 18″ article. Click for PDF.

Sky News Network – October 27, 2008

SKY NEWS NETWORK with a live television global audience of approximately 180 million viewers focuses on 1308 Productions and its efforts to activate and entertain youth in America. This interview was broadcast globally on October 27, 2008 on live television and had vast additional viewers on Internet streaming video for an estimated audience of far beyond 200 million people. The featured interview is of 1308 Productions lead producer ALLISON NOVACK.

JVibe – Sept/Oct 2008

JVibe article

JVibe article. Click for PDF.

Miami Montage – July 2008

As the producer of 1308 Productions, Allison Novack spends her weekends scrambling to book locations, vendors, sponsors and bands for upcoming venues while organizing “Rock the Vote” concerts.

During the week, she is a regular 16-year-old junior at Miami Beach Senior High School.

Allison is only one of the many local teens working to encourage youth voting through the music scene in South Florida.

“My dad was the mayor of Surfside,” Allison said “I grew up in a very political and music-oriented family; this is something I know works.”

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YPulse – May 12, 2008

On to teen entrepreneurs. Check out these teens at 1308 Productions (Plum TV profile), a south Florida company that “sponsors all ages live music shows show featuring great young bands and bringing teens together for community service involvement.”

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Plum TV – May 7, 2008

Plum TV interviews Allison Novack and her father Paul Novack about their homegrown 1308 Productions company and its upcoming Rock the Vote Youth Rock Music Show.

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