John Lennon Wall, Prague

1308 Co-Founder and Director of Public Relations Allison Novack at the John Lennon wall in Praque. Czech Republic, November 2012.

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Rock Ensemble 40th Anniversary Concert

This was the final performance of the Rock Ensemble under the direction of Doug Burris. Mr. Burris had an incredibly successful career as an educator – he has been and continues to be an inspiration to his students and to everyone who knows him, personifying some fundamental lessons for mankind. Now, Doug moves forward to new challenges – with a huge cheering section.

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 Billy Joel at UM March 5, 2012

Allison Novack and UM Hurricane Productions crew welcoming Billy Joel for a visit and performance at the University of Miami on March 5, 2012.

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International Martial Arts Event (April 2, 2011)

South Florida hosted an International Martial Arts Exhibition and Demonstration and 1308 Productions was there to help make it a big success for a crowd that included several hundred young martial arts students and thousands of people from their families and the community. 1308 presented the talented musicians of the Miami Beach Senior High School Drum Corps, led by Major Kevin Simon. Grand Master Sang Koo Kang, renowned martial arts expert and teacher, celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Sang\'s TNT Martial Arts Schools and was honored for his public service by Hollywood Producer and Director Brett Ratner, public officials, and the Korean National Tae Kwon Do Demonstration Team.

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Fleet Week

On April 30, 2010 the event was held on the hangar deck of the tremendous USS Iwo Jima, with over 1,500 VIPs, high ranking military officers, and leaders of the South Florida business and civic community. Providing music, entertainment, and event support, 1308 helped to produce an event that will long be remembered. 1308 presented Atlantic Records Artist Carole Taran Lee to sing the National Anthem, the MBSHS Drum Corps under the direction of Capt. Kevin Simon (Civil Air Patrol), and the MBSHS Guitar Ensemble under the direction of Doug Burris.

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A Salute to the USO

Friday October 23, 2009 @ Hard Rock Cafe, Miami. A rocking thank you to the USO for its world-wide entertainment of our troops.

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A Night At The Drive-In

A WVUM / 1308 Productions cooperative presentation @ the University of Miami School of Communications Courtyard on April 3, 2009 with Ex Norwegian & Dear Dad, Yours Truly.

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Photos from the October 23, 2008 show

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Photos from the May 9, 2008 show

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Photos from the Feb 29, 2008 show

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Photos from early shows of 1308 Productions

Photos from early shows of 1308 Productions

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Sky News: Miami Beach Sr. High Debate Team

Miami Beach Senior High School Debate Team presents a mock presidential debate for a live global television audience, presented by 1308 Productions and the Sky News Network on November 1, 2008.

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Sky News: Miami Beach Sr. High Rock Ensemble

The Beach High Rock Ensemble and its legendary Director, Doug Burris, appear and perform at the Sky News Miami White House, presented by 1308 Productions and the Sky News Network.

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Sky News: Ex Norwegian

Photos of Ex Norwegian performing live for a global television audience, from the "Miami Sky News White House", presented by 1308 Productions and Sky News Network.

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Sky News: Dead Dad, Yours Truly

Photos of Dear Dad Yours Truly performing at the "Sky News Miami White House" for a live global television audience, presented by 1308 Productions and the Sky News Network.

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Sky News: Sky Rockers

Sky News, based in the United Kingdom with a global audience, sent an incredible group of people to Miami Beach, Florida to create the "Sky News Miami White House" and to operate a base for reporting, broadcast and transmission of news about the United States of America's Presidential Elections in 2008. Anchors, Directors, Producers, and the entire SNWH team produced an amazing, internationally acclaimed presentation of news with the fascinating new inclusions of technology, graphics, and youth and music. The SN crew worked 24/7 and made an superb impression on the local community and the international audience. South Florida looked fantastic! At a very rare moment of levity, here are photos of the Sky News Network broadcast and production team taking up positions as the 'Sky Rockers' at the set of the Sky News Miami White House.

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inspiring young Americans, providing an entertainment vehicle for public service activities, supporting the South Florida live rock music scene