About Us

1308 Productions is an independent non-profit organization devoted to public service and music education. Based in South Florida, our efforts have reached out nationally and internationally. 1308 has established itself as a positive vehicle for programs, projects and events that are produced for and by young people. 1308 Productions creates music shows and events that are linked to public service endeavors, and presents annual scholarship awards to further inspire and encourage student performers who have demonstrated exemplary talent. The organization’s support of the music scene and music education programs also helps facilitate youth activism and participation in their communities and our nation. Families, friends, volunteers, students, educators, young musical artists, all working together to help engage and inspire young people to achieve in the areas of leadership, community service, musical performance, and education.

1308 Productions has provided over 30 local artists a forum to build a fan base and gain exposure to music industry executives, 5 of which have been signed to major record labels. 1308 endeavors to help create opportunity, for performers and audiences alike.

1308 Productions helps to provide opportunities for young musicians to learn and perform, and for young audiences to hear and enjoy! Exciting live shows have helped to expand the exposure and fan base of aspiring young bands and to entertain music fans, inspire musicians, applaud educators, and make a genuine, positive impact. 1308 Productions has extended the reach of its support, influence and example to New York City, Nashville, and Haiti.

The mixture of talent, energy, enthusiasm and public service fuels 1308’s continuous productivity and recognition. Check out the media, videos and photos.  Contact us for more information!

inspiring young Americans, providing an entertainment vehicle for public service activities, supporting the South Florida live rock music scene